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SEO-Optimized Translations

How do you successfully market a wide range of goods and services while maintaining a consistent tone of voice, especially if those goods and services are represented under different brands? 

Now how do you do all that cost-efficiently when the content needs to be created or translated into multiple languages? 

Part of the process is optimizing your product or service descriptions for search engines, your own website and external retailers’ sites.  

Our International SEO service guarantees a winning SEO strategy by building a bespoke strategy for our clients’ target audiences and goals in mind. 

Read the case study to see how we optimized seven of Smartwares Group's product websites and transformed their text from technical to marketing language that engaged their customers.  And we did it all with 32% cost savings. 

Download to discover how we did it
Here's how we boosted Smartwares’ online presence and findability through SEO-optimized translations.
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