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Managing your PPC Ad Copy the Argos Way

It’s hard to know what the right approach is when it comes to managing multilingual PPC ad copy. However, we’re beginning to notice a trend in the kind of comments we’re getting from new clients – their multilingual ads just aren’t working. They’re investing all this money into having their ads translated, but they’re not performing and getting the returns that they need. This is why we’d like to shed a light on how to best manage your PPC ad copy, and what you can do to ensure that your ads are handled the right way. Afterall, you don’t want to be paying for clicks that don’t convert!

How multilingual PPC ads are traditionally handled

Traditionally, PPC ads end up being handled like standard translations. They’re often translated from one language to another, and sometimes even machine translation is used to keep costs down. It’s important to remember, though, that ads are highly creative, and lots of thought goes into crafting ad copy in the source language. Multilingual ads require even more creativity because not only do you need to make sure that the ads sound enticing and clickable, you also need to take different cultures into account. Plus, PPC comes with its own set of challenges because you have character lengths to consider, which can be challenging for languages with very long words like German.

By making sure that you’re asking for the correct service – ad copy transcreation, you can ensure that your ads are getting the care and creativity they need. To show you how this is done, lets take a look at how we handle PPC ad copy here at Argos.

How we work

  1. Briefing

As every company has their own unique way of creating the messaging used in PPC ads, having a brief is of the utmost importance. We help all of our clients put together a brief that then gets shared with our global team of ad writers, covering the following important topics:

  • Ad objectives
  • Target audience and audience insights
  • Tone of voice
  • Key messaging
  • Reference materials
  • Formatting guidelines

By personalizing the ad writing process, it not only ensures that you’re not getting a literal translation of your ad copy, but it also helps increase metrics like click through rates and conversions, too.

TIP: If you’re not discussing briefing with your LSP, it probably means that you’re getting a standard translation service which’ll lack the creativity needed for your ads. Not briefing can also have some undesirable side effects like not having the right influencer names in the ads, or seeing links or products kept the same as they are for the source language when they should be adapted.

  1. Transcreation

As we touched on above, rather than just translating, we always use a transcreational approach when dealing with PPC ads. Transcreation is a service that combines translation and copywriting, ensuring that texts are adapted to their new target audience abroad. It’s a highly creative service that will see your ads transformed to suit the target market, while keeping the original essence of your source language ads.

  1. Setting KPIs

In digital marketing, it’s all about measuring results. That should be the case at home, and most definitely abroad, too. When we handle multilingual PPC ads, we always set KPIs with our clients so that you can track the success of your ads and ensure that they’re returning that all important ROI.

Tips for managing PPC ad copy

There are also a couple of points that you need to consider when working with multilingual ad copy. As PPC ad copy is so short, you only have seconds to make a first impression and entice people to click on your ads. This is why ads need to be creatively adapted to make sure that they’re as catchy as possible. In international markets you also have to make sure that you’re taking things like formal/informal language into account as you don’t want to come across as insensitive.

As you can see, handling multilingual PPC ads are more complex than you might have first realized, but by handling them correctly, it can be a win for everyone involved.

If you are finding that your international PPC campaigns are not performing as well as they are at home, get in touch. Our team will be happy to help set that right.