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Our comprehensive range of multimedia services will enhance your corporate image, enlighten your customers, brighten your product launches, and get your message across.

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In today's marketplace, multimedia services that deliver the "wow" factor aren't a luxury - they're a necessity.



With a voiceover, the original voice is blended into the background and a new voice is recorded in the target language and played on top of the original.



Subtitles work by displaying translated text on the screen at the same time the original source voice is heard.


Dubbing and Lip-Syncing

In dubbing and lip-syncing, the original source voice is replaced entirely with another (translated) voice and matched to the lips of the actors in the video.


On-Screen Captions

On-screen captions are textual elements that appear in a video after having been translated into a second language.



Transcription changes audio and video elements into text, which can then be translated and captioned in a video or used as subtitles.


CGI Animations

These are animated elements or graphics with text in the source language. The text is exported from the element as an after-effect project.


Video Recording and Editing

The extensive experience and capabilities of our staff allow us to record or edit in any video recording tool you wish.


Sound Recording and Editing

Our world-class sound recording and editing capabilities allow us to remove an original voice or soften volume for voiceover purposes without losing fidelity.

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